Terms and Conditions

We highly appreciate your interest in our services. 

Terms & Conditions:-

1. Emails - Our mode of communication will be emails only. You can call our representative at Patiala for any billing related problems. But for technical work/query emails are the only way to communicate.

2. Time Frame - The technical team reverts to any query within 24-48 hours. They analyze the query and gives you a deadline to get it done with you.

3. Modifications/Changes - If you need any changes or modifications in work then team will help you to know the estimated time. All the queries and changes has to be sent on email only. No verbal communication will be considered. It is client's responsibility to check the emails time to time.

4. Appointment - Technical team will entertain you with personal interaction to make you understand the implementation work only. The total time to be entertain will be 3 hours. Technical team and representative are going to maintain the record for same. To take any personal interaction with experts client is required to mail 3 days prior. You will be entertained only if you have an appointment. If in case client cancels the time for appointment then next appointment will be given after a week.

If client cancels the appointment again then next appointment will be given after 15 days.

Note* - If the time limit(3 hours) is over then next interactions will be paid billed at an hourly rate.

5. Software Installation - Client is required to mention the software to be used after taking consent of his/her guide. Client should have knowledge of software or he/she should explore the same at their end. Client is also required to manage the software at his/her own. If client needs it from technical team then it will be installed in system at a fixed price per installation.

6. Papers - Technical team can help to get the 20 reference papers to the clients(journal names should be mentioned before). Base paper is required to be given by client after consent of his/her guide.

If client needs more paper than the mentioned number then it will be chargeable for more than 20 papers.

7. Refund Policy - There is no such refund policy after the work is started and payment is done.

  • If clients leaves the work in between then he/she is not eligible for any refund.
  • If client is not competent enough to represent the work in front of his/her guide leading to rejection of work, then also company is not liable for any refund.

8. Documents - Once the prize is fixed for the work then it will not be lower down if any document is excluded by client later on. Because the prize will be quoted initially as the final one. We have attached a document below with the estimated time frame to get the work complete with mutual efforts.Time frame mentioned in the documents can not be lessen in any condition.

Note** - Technical team is not responsible to manage the work as per the schedule of the client. Client needs to manage the work accordingly.

9. Termination - If client founds to misbehave either with any representative or technical team, then company has complete right to terminate the work.